A list of commonly used commands and what they do!
This is a list of general commands. For more specialized commands, i.e. setting up a trade shop, or adding players to a claimed chest, check out those mechanics' respective changes.
Teleports you to spawn.
Randomly teleports you somewhere in the world.
Teleports you to your home location.
/sethome (name)
Sets your home location.
/delhome (name)
Deletes a stored home location.
/trade (playername)
Initiates a trade request with a player.
/donate (playername)
Grants another player the item you are currently holding.
/msg (playername) (message)
Privately messages a selected player.
/r (message)
Responds to the last message you received.
/ignore (playername)
Ignores a targetted player, blocking all incoming communication from that player.
Gives a list of all the players you have ignored.
/tpa (playername)
Asks to teleport to the target player.
/tpahere (playername)
Asks the target player to teleport to you.
Opens a menu with all the tags (prefixes) you have acquired.
Gives a link to the wiki.
Gives a list of all the server rules.
Gives a list of all the websites you can vote for the server at.
Gives a link to the server store.
Gives a link to the server's Discord.
/einfo (enchantment name)
Gives a brief description of an enchantment, what rarity it is, what the max level is, what it can be applied to, and what it conflicts with.
Opens a GUI with all available enchantments in an easily searchable and organized menu.
For those players who refuse to read the wiki... (has a 5 second global cooldown to prevent spam)
Marks you as AFK, bypassing the normal time you have to wait to be marked as AFK.
/duel (playername)
Sends a request to duel the target player. (CURRENTLY DISABLED)
Gives the server's current TPS (ticks per second).
/realname (playername)
Gives the selected player's real name, useful for certain commands that can't accept nicknamed players.
Gives your current playtime.
Gives a list of players who have wasted spent the most time on the server.
If you think any commands were left out, let us know in the Discord!