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Does the server have a spawn? I seem to have spawned randomly...

Yes, the server will automatically RTP you and then set your home at the location that it teleported you to. Make sure that you don't stray too far, or you set your home at a new location when you settle down!

Can I make (…) vanilla farm / structure?

Yes, so long as it does not lag the server or become a detriment to other players, or exploit unintended mechanics. Breaking bedrock, getting onto the roof of the nether, and other harmless "exploits" are fine, but dupes, crash glitches, and other harmful exploits are not.

Where did my armor points (chestplate icons) go?

This server uses a completely custom armor system called Defense. A complete explanation can be found here, but a simple explanation is that Vanilla armor is unwieldy and difficult to control and this makes it easier for armor to be balanced. The TL;DR of the entire explanation is that vanilla armor is better at high incoming damage and worse at lower incoming damage values.

My items can't be enchanted because it says "Too Expensive!", what can I do?

On this server, that message is a lie. The server will let you enchant, even if it says "Too Expensive!" provided you have enough levels. For a full explanation of custom enchanting, go here.

Can I build (…) at or near spawn?

Generally, as long as it actively contributes to bettering the spawn and isn't an eyesore, you can build anything you want near spawn. When in doubt, ask a staff member!

Can I loot a base that looks like it hasn't been touched in a while, or the player has stopped playing?

Stealing is a bannable offense. You never know when a player might return and want to pick up where they left off! If a player is permanently banned, then you can take their stuff. Otherwise, do not touch things that aren't yours.

How can I make the loading screen stop popping up every time I join or rejoin the server?

While the server resource pack is optional, you will have a much worse experience on the server if you don't have it.
Here's a guide on how to get and install the server resource pack, so your client longer has to download and switch to it each time you join the server, which causes that long loading screen.

What are the custom enchantments and how do I get them?

What are bosses and how can I fight them?

(link to bosses page)

What is a "Servant"?

The server has a few custom mobs, and will keep adding more to add some uniqueness, and to challenge those players who want it. For more info: (link to custom mob page).

How do I get (…) rank? (member, trusted, legend, etc.)

(link to ranks info page)

What are Gems? How do I deconstruct them? What is gem dust used for?

Gems are a unique mechanic that allows mid to endgame level players to get some extra bonus stats on their gear. For more info: (link to gems page)

What are (wands, custom swords, boss items , etc.) and how do I get them?

The server has a ton of unique custom items to add to your experience as a player! Check them all out here.

This player is being really annoying / killing me repeatedly / stealing things. How can I report them?

Create a ticket in the discord. One of the moderators or staff will help you out. If you are unable to join the discord for whatever reason, let a staff member know the next time they are on the server so that they can help you out.
If you think you were griefed or stolen from, put your base coordinates, what was stolen/where was it, and who are the regular players at that base in the ticket!
If we determine that a player stole from you, they will be permanently banned. To avoid your teammates being permanently banned, I need a list of everyone who is allowed to access the base.

This player is annoying me, but isn't directly harming anyone or breaking any rules, what can I do?

Firstly, talk to them! If you take issue with someone, tell them about it in a polite way that shows them how they can improve. If that doesn't work, you can /ignore them, which will block all incoming messages/requests from them.
If they are being very annoying, then tell a staff member and they will be dealt with.
Attempting to bypass /ignore is a bannable offense, considered in the same way an exploit would be. If they are such a nuisance that they are contributing to a toxic environment, report them to staff and we will handle it.

Is trading with other people's villagers considered stealing?

It depends on the player/team who owns the villager, but generally trading with someone else's villagers is considered stealing and is a bannable offense. A good idea is to ask before you trade. The reason being that those villagers took many, many hours to roll up in some cases, so trading with them is essentially stealing from any potential profits they may make off having that villager.

What sort of rewards does voting give?

Voting gives some cool decorative heads for general use.