Getting Started

Welcome to PrometheumMC! This is a general guide for how to get going on the server and should help answer any basic questions or point you in the right direction!

I just joined, help me!

When you first join the server, you are teleported randomly to even out the spread of players. A home will be set for you at the location you teleport to in case you die and need to get back there.
If it is night time when you join, be aware that the server is set to hard, and there are many custom mobs that are itching to have a go at you. We recommend that you quickly find a place to hide, and ask players to skip the night.
Once you survive your first night, getting started is as simple as every other vanilla server, if not simpler! Punch a tree, craft an axe, and cause mass deforestation with Timber!

I survived the first few nights and have some gear, but...

Now that you aren't afraid of anything that moves, you can start building up towards some better gear using all the systems on the server!
Want to enchant that gear? Check out the enchanting guide.
Want to get some cool weaponry? Check out the Custom Swords page.
If you have any other questions about any of the systems, check the FAQ. If your question is not on there, feel free to ask in the Discord! Our community will be happy to help you out!

I have good gear, and I'm ready to take it to the next level!

Good job! Few people make it this far! Here's a few things you can do now:
Collect boss shards from Servants! Guide on Servants and where to find them.
Craft those boss shards into a boss summon and fight the boss! It is recommended that you fight it with other players, since you have a limited number of lives, and the bosses are very difficult. Complete guide on bosses here.
Consider getting started with Gems, a unique system that allows you to make modifications to your items' stats once you think you're done upgrading them with enchantments!