Known Bugs

List of all known bugs and if they have been solved or not.

Check this list before reporting a bug in a ticket!

  • #1: Bows (and other items) sometimes pop up with "this item is on cooldown!" with a 0 second cooldown.
  • #2: Enchant extractors cannot be used on items with custom textures
  • #3: Sometimes items with attack speed in both the offhand and the main hand can have the attack speed simply not work
  • #4: The attack speed stat on certain items can sometimes break when using the Dexterous enchantment.
  • #5: Wither skeletons (for some reason) do not spawn or act like normal in wither skeleton farms.
  • #6: Telekinesis does not work with custom mob drops (no known fix on my end at this time, this is a plugin issue.)