Things that may be added or are being considered:
  • Additional cosmetics for supporters and people who vote for the server (IN PROGRESS)
  • Rework to the voting system
  • Mob scaling in the Nether and the End
  • Boosters for donations / voteparties (NOT p2w, these would be server-wide effects)
  • Enchantment for double jumping (needs testing to see if this is possible)
  • Fix to certain aspects of bosses (coming soon)
  • Bosses level scaling per player in the fight
  • Better lose/win system for boss fights
  • Make artifact enchants not take up a max slot on gear
Completed features that started as suggestions:
  • Item skins
  • Skeletal Riders
  • Boss shards craftable from spare boss gear
Things that will NOT be added and why:
  • /roll command to re-roll optimized villagers without having to break and replace a lectern.
This is simply outside the scope of the plugin, and would cause too many conflicts and potential issues with villagers.