Miscellaneous Materials

Fire Essence

9x Blaze Rods

Compact Fire Essence

9x Fire Essence

Common Material Script

3x Paper & 1x Common Essence

Rare Material Script

3x Paper & 1x Rare Essence
Common & Rare essence can be broken down by using a Bone Shard on Rare & Common items respectively.

Bone Shard

4x Zombie Claws

Molded Iron Block

8x Iron Block

Dense Iron Block

9x Molded Iron Block

Compact Iron Block

9x Dense Iron Block

Dense Sulphur

9x Gunpowder

Molded Sulphur

5x Dense Sulphur

Compact Sulphur

5x Molded Sulphur
Spider eyes are the same as Iron Blocks, except that it is just 9 for each tier instead of 8-9-9. Same applies for Rotten Flesh, String, and Wolf Pelts.

Weapon Binder

4x Molded Iron Block, 1x Binding Essence

Reinforced Weapon Binder

4x Compact Iron Block, 1x Weapon Binder, 2x Gold Ingot


9x Cosmic Gem Dust


9x Fire Gem Dust


9x Air Gem Dust

Perfected Nether Star

25x Nether Star

Reinforced Netherite

25x Netherite Ingot, 4x Compact Fire Essence

Infernal Core