Anti-Stealing Measures

PrometheumMC does not implement any claims system, the reason being that claims systems tend to be annoying to use, break with use of other custom plugins, and prevent bad actors from doing their deeds.

But, if it prevents these people from stealing and griefing, isn't that a good thing?
NO! It does not prevent them from potentially doing more harm over an extended period of time.
If they are banned quickly, the admins can quickly fix any harm that was done and ban the suspects. If they are left to fester, it takes much more effort to roll back any damage that was done.
That being said, to prevent any minor nuisances in public spaces, you can protect chests using a sign.

How to protect a chest:

Simply place a sign on a chest and write [protect] on the first line, then close out of the sign.
A Protected Chest
To add/remove players from protected chests, look at the sign of the chest you would like to add them to and run (without the brackets).
/protect add (playername)
/protect remove (playername)
You can also add multiple at once via:
/protect add (playername1),(playername2),(playername3)
Each playername is separated by a comma.