Linked Nether Portals

On PrometheumMC, we do not use playerwarps, and /sethomes are intentionally very restricted since we want to keep at least some of the Vanilla feel, necessitating travel via external means.

That being said, a small improvement that has been made is that Nether Portals can now be linked. Any two portals, including those in the overworld and the nether and any combination thereof.

Material Requirements:

  • 2x Nether Portals
  • 2x Lodestones
  • 2x Item Frames
  • 2x Compasses

Linking Two Nether Portals:

Place a lodestone in the corner of both nether portals, as shown here:
2 Unlinked Portals
Use a compass on the lodestone of one of the portals, you will receive a Lodestone Compass that points to that portal:
Lodestone Compass
Put an item frame on the other portal which the Lodestone Compass is not pointing to, then put said Lodestone Compass into the item frame.
1-Way Linked Portal
Repeat the process for the other portal to establish 2-way travel between the two portals.
Breaking the compass will break the linkage, do not break the compass unless you specifically want to disrupt travel.
Breaking any compass on public portals will be considered griefing/stealing and will result in a permanent ban, unless you are the owner of the portal or have express permission from the owner of the portal.