Trade Shops

This server has a very simple chest shop system which does not use an economy whatsoever. All trading is done via real items and not a virtual currency system.

How to create Trade Shops:

Write [Trade] on a sign on a chest:
Incomplete Trade Shop
Run /ts addProduct while holding the item stack you would like to sell and looking at the sign of the incomplete Trade Shop. In this case, the product will be a Nether Star:
Trade Shop with a product set
Run /ts setCost while holding the item stack of what you would like the cost to be and looking at the sign. In this case, the cost will be 32x Diamond:
Complete Trade Shop
Once you have set up your TradeShop, simply add stock of the product you wish to sell and the server will handle the rest! Make sure to come by to pick up any earnings frequently!
You can add more than one product and cost to each of you shops.
Do /ts what to see the full trade that is occurring while looking at a shop. This is especially useful when there are more than one product or cost, or if the item has a long name.
This supports all custom items as well, but each item might have slightly different NBT data, so it may only be able to sell the item you originally set as the cost/product.